Why is this called The Lady Visitor Project?

In 2018, I snapped this selfie outside of a bathroom. I was in a manufacturing facility in a remote location in the Middle East where there are no women employees and women visitors are so rare that there are no ladies’ washrooms. They had to make one for me. To me, this symbolized the dilemma of my career, loving what I do but not always feeling like I belong.

What will you do with my profile?

We will publish profiles in our online newsletter and we are working on a book.

What if my employer finds out?

We are not interested in calling out employers for having less than ideal workplaces. That wouldn’t help us get honest input from the women we are trying to help. The steps we are taking to address this concern are:

1. We are not using last names in the profiles.

2. We are not using company names in the profiles.

3. We are not giving out any contact information you provide.

We hope that by taking these steps you will feel comfortable to share your experiences. However, in this highly connected world, we can’t guarantee that you will be anonymous. If you still have concerns, please don’t participate.

We hope that you still join the newsletter and follow the project updates. Once you read the stories from the amazing women we have profiled so far, you might change your mind.